Physical Abuse

Sis. Shirley Madison

On Christmas day of 1994, I gave my life to God.

He delivered me from shacking, fornication, crack, smoking weed, taking pills, smoking cigarettes and from being a drunk. He also delivered me from being a prostitute. He did not let me take my life when I tried to cut my wrist with a razor blade. It simply would not cut. He provided a way of escape when I was abducted and raped. I was beaten so bad that I was bleeding out of my ears. He also delivered me from that the effects of being sexual abused as a child. I became an abuser as a result. In 1977, God brought me out of prison.

He turned my life around and made me somebody and I have been saved for 9
I would not take anything for my life in Christ. I am now a Chaplain in the Prison Ministry. I am attending college to be a Registered Nurse. I have all of this, because God loves me. I am a new creature in Christ and Old things are gone.