“The Synergysynergy spouse 3d cover Efficient Spouse” – $12.99

(Marriage Manual)

Obtaining Godly counseling is one one most important things a couple can do to get ready for a lifetime of love and harmony together.  After many hours of prayer and research, along with nearly 20 years of marital experience, God has blessed Pastor Medlock to put together a manual to assist you on your journey to Holy Matrimony.

Everything included in this manual is for your edification, and it will aid you in becoming the best spouse possible.

Marriage is not something you should enter into lightly.  You owe it to your spouse and yourself to be as informed as possible before entering into this union.


leaders supporting leaders 3d cover“Leaders Supporting Leaders” – $15.00

Often, when you think of the leadership of Moses, your mind is flooded with images of his heroic deeds. But Exodus 17 reveals another aspect of Moses’ leadership: the willingness to accept the assistance of others. Pastoral aide is an essential component to success
ful leadership. Everyone, however, is not meant to hold your arm in support. Simply put, everyone is not equipped.

This manual profiles what a good spiritual leader is and how they motivate people to leadership. It discusses concerns spiritual leaders will encounter as well as the high cost of leadership.



singles 3d cover“Singles Under Construction” – $20.00

Both the single man and woman must realize that the state of singleness produces mindsets and behaviors all its own. It is a unique lifestyle, filled with responsibilities and benefits.

While it is a blessing to be able to totally mind the things of Christ, being single can easily breed attitudes, patterns that can be harmful if taken into a marriage. The very thing that proves to be beneficial in singleness can also be detrimental nuptials.

If you planning to someday marry, it is imperative that you begin the process of singles detoxification now!

“Resurrected Principal Ministry” – $12.00

RPM 3d cover

(New Convert Manual)

This new convert manual introduces the vision and statement of faith of Remnant of Grace Ministries to the new convert class. This manual outlines some principal doctrine teachings to the new believer.Understanding doctrine is important to God’s children for spiritual stability and maturity.

(Ephesians 4:14)

It is essential to salvation, is the foundation for a godly life and equips the saints for Christian service.