Alcohol Addiction

Minister. Mack Robinson

For years I drank alcohol. It was my remedy for dealing with a marriage that I was convinced was doomed. I had difficulty obtaining an erection, and I thought I needed the alcohol to help please my wife sexually.

There were many unresolved issued in the marriage, and I just knew we were going to separate as a result. Right when I was on the verge of giving up, my wife accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. A couple months later, I followed suit, and surrendered my life to Christ as well. I thought accepting Christ would alleviate our problems, but it was at this point that the disenchantment escalated.

When God saved me, He delivered me from drinking alcohol. I no longer desired strong drink. The crutch I used to help gratify my wife was no longer an option. I found it more and more difficult to please her. It was as if we were living two separate lives. While at church, we could get along. We praised and worshipped together without a problem. However, at home there was no unity. We were both saved, but there were still unresolved issues, we needed God to help us with.

During a morning worship service, Pastor Medlock prophesied to my wife that she would have a child. Given my situation, there was doubt of the accuracy of his prophecy. I managed to grow in faith, and I believe that it was this faith that sustained and strengthen me during this challenging time in my life.

The change came during one of our regularly scheduled brotherhood meetings. The brothers had agreed to meet and have an all night gathering – what we call a shut in. During this shut in, I decided to be open and honest about what I was dealing with. I shared with them without reservation. That group of men became a support group for me that I never imagined that I could have. I was able to release years of bottled pressure, and the sexual challenges were no longer an obstacle. The brothers joined with me in believing God for my healing, and God was faithful.

Before this, my wife and I dealt with infidelity. We had to learn to forgive each other for adultery. God helped us forgive and move past all the hurt and pain. This was the beginning of God working in my maimed life.

Through the grace of God, I was delivered from all the dysfunction I suffered. As proof of God’s healing power, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl on January 24, 2003. God performed a miracle in my life. I learned that the Lord has the final word on every situation I am faced with. I realize that there was nothing the doctors could have done to help me or else I would have been functioning properly years ago.

I thank God for saving me, for healing me, and for the many blessings He has added to my life. I know that God can do anything.